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creating solutions to fit the way your business & teams want to work

easy to use – quick to deliver – fixed price


helping create Business Legends

TETRUS brings together, your people and best practice to unlock their full potential

BE the catalyst to unleash your business & teams to achieve more than imagined


all your work in one place - saving time, achieving more

TETRUS solutions help you & your team get more done with less time, effort & stress

imagine working together “as one” from anywhere, anytime with anyone


"finally, a work solution that fits how we to want work"

TETRUS were responsive & easy to work with, delivering on time and on budget.

using, their solutions were easy to use, flexible & delivered results.


TETRUS Work Management Solutions

CRM & Sales

Organize, manage & track your customer relationships, inquiries, leads, sales pipeline, contracts and customer onboarding.


Marketing & Campaigns

Plan, manage and execute your marketing  initiatives, events, campaigns, content creation, product release & management.

Services & Job Tracking

Deliver superior customer services and manage their interactions from start to finish as they flow through your business.

Operations & Back Office

Achieve greater efficiencies for your business operations including SCO & Mfg, HR, IT, Finance & Admin, Compliance & Audit…

Project & Task Management

Bring your team together to plan, execute, track, and collaborate on your projects/OKR’s, all in one place with real time reporting.


Documents & Knowledge

Manage your internal and external documents, policies, processes, wikis, knowledge bases and more, all accessible in one place.

you're not alone on your journey to a collaborative digital workplace

Come join us as we work with organisations across Australia and New Zealand to help them achieve more than they imagined

Gymnastics Australia
Shaver Shop
Grande Experiences
Rate City
CFI Capital
Ironbark Asset Management
MedPro Finance
Amicus Interiors
Orion Energy NZ
SMA Solar Technology
One Power
SODA Communications
United Way Australia (NFP)

how we can help

TETRUS has chosen as our core WorkOS to create powerful Work Management Solutions covering a range of industries and Use Cases that boost productivity, team engagement and performance for your business.

We work closely with you and your team to quickly and cost effectively craft the solution to fit the way your business & teams want to work using our Agile Solution Methodology.

TETRUS Agile Solution Methodology

suite of services

TETRUS offers a full suite of services for you to leverage, from ‘turn-key’ solutions to choosing just what you need. We have created our services with our clients needs front & centre, to make it easier for you to achieve your desired outcomes.

TETRUS Solution Services expanded
TETRUS Solution Services expanded

our unique ‘managed’ solution services

Our all encompassing Managed Solution Services makes it easy for you to get started without the upfront expense and provides everything you’ll need in a simple monthly fee, covering your:

  • ‘turn-key’ solution (from discovery to deploy & training)
  • ongoing support, updates and reviews
  • best practise & improvement opportunities
  • no upfront expense – everything in a monthly subscription
  • dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • single agreement that can flex as your needs change
TETRUS Managed Solution Services
TETRUS Managed Solution Services

your business benefits

Bringing together with our comprehensive services, deep expertise and experience in delivering effective business solutions, our clients are achieving these real business benefits

  • focus & traction on achieving your business goals
  • increases business productivity and collaboration
  • higher team & stakeholder engagement & satisfaction
  • single source of truth for your work
  • greater transparency & clear accountability
  • less meetings, emails, chats, updates, reporting

why choose TETRUS?

simple, easy, pain-free

We do all the heavy lifting ensuring the solution delivers on your needs & how you want to work. No BS, No misses, No excuses!

fixed price

No surprise “variation” charges. Once we’ve completed discovery we provide and guarantee a real “Fixed price” solution.

you're not a transaction

We’re with you for the long term to support you and ensure you continue to get the most and best from your TETRUS solutions.

looking for an edge to get ahead?